Creative Aging

Creative Aging ukulele class participants

Research shows that new brain cells keep developing throughout our lifespan if we stretch ourselves by getting involved in activities new to us, such as exploring new creative and artistic skills. In response, a citywide program of workshops and classes was launched in 2010 to inspire and encourage adults 50 years old and older to get involved in the arts.

Creative Aging is offered through a partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Sacramento Department of Parks & Recreation, Older Adult Services Section and is funded in part by the E.M. Hart Trust Fund.

Creative Aging programs currently available are Ukulele and Recorder Classes, and Singers with Hart, a program designed to teach older adults to improve their singing skills through participation in choral singing. Contact the Hart Senior Center for current schedules and registration information.

Did you know?

  • Most active adults involved in the arts live longer, healthier lives.