Please join us in celebrating the contributions, vision and commitment of arts advocate and community leader Muriel P. Johnson, by contributing to the fund established in her honor.

In 2011, the Muriel P. Johnson Fund for the Arts was established to honor Muriel, who as a County Supervisor, Director of the California Arts Council and community leader, has been a tireless supporter of the arts for five decades.

This year the Fund will support hands on arts learning activities for all ages through the Arts Commission’s Arts Education programs. That might mean teens in a community center exploring their own cultural history through digital artworks, or fifth graders across a school district learning how to write song lyrics that bring science to life through music. Families in crisis may learn together the art of storytelling at their temporary housing program. Professional artists will learn how to bring what they know to populations they never considered teaching before. Students in over a hundred schools will see their very first live performance or professional art exhibit.

Arts education helps prepare our students for the expectations of the 21st century workforce and engages students who might otherwise drop out of school. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?

You can make a difference!

  • $35 buys art supplies for 30 students for 4 hours of art lessons.
  • $70 buys 30 students an hour of visual or performing arts education led by a teaching artist.
  • $400 buys bus time to send 60 students on an arts field trip.
  • $450-550 pays a Sacramento arts organization to present a school assembly for 400 students.
  • $700 pays a visual or performing artist to teach 10 weeks of arts instruction in a classroom.
  • $1,800 sends 40 teachers or school administrators to professional development to learn how the arts can engage students in learning across all subject areas.

Tax-deductible donations may be made out to Friends of the Arts Commission, and mailed to 1030 15th Street, Suite 240, Sacramento, CA 95814 or via this link: Just change address to; 2031 K Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento CA 95811. Or you may contact: Allison Cagley, Executive Director at, or via this link: